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Welcome to our Client Learning Hub.  Here you’ll find helpful resources that will help you build a beautiful business, plan for the future and develop a great relationship with us – your trusted, experienced and local advisors. This section provides a series of Xero Workflow Tutorials to help you learn how to use all the basic functions in Xero.

Xero Workflow Tutorials

Send Your Customer a Quote Using Xero

Invoice Your Customers Using Xero

Send Your Supplier a Purchase Order Using Xero

Pay Your Suppliers
with Xero

Reconcile Your Bank Account in Xero

Run and Customise Reports in Xero

Manage Employee Expenses with Xero

Manage Your Projects with Xero

Manage Receipts and Bills with Hubdoc and Xero

Add and Assign Staff to Clients from Xero HQ

Make Shopify Accounting Easier with Xero

Connect an Organisaton to a Client Record in Xero

Do you need additional support or training on Xero?

Here at Lalor O’Shea McQuillan we offer customised training and support to help you get the most from Xero.  Please contact our office and ask to speak to our Xero Cloud Accounting specialist Hannah Boccaccio.