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Xero Testimonials

Xero Testimonials

Here are quotes from some of our clients on how Xero is supporting their businesses.

Portlaoise Gas & Oil Limited

The saying often goes “time is money”.

Prior to using Xero, I operated manual books and records. I would sit with my employees on a Friday and spend the morning preparing invoices for the post.

Now we don’t leave a job without sending the invoice. We complete the job, get the customers email address and send it there and then.

This frees me on a Friday to work with the tools rather than the pen. Xero has also greatly assisted cashflow management.

I can offer customers payment arrangements as I have total control over the credit management.

I also use Hubdoc for all purchase invoices. Most suppliers send me invoices by email and I just forward to Hubdoc while the manual ones I just take a photo and upload it there and then. All of my accounting function is now done on the phone/Ipad and during “work hours”. My only regret is not implementing Xero years ago.

Glenn O Shaughnessy, Owner, Portlaoise Gas & Oil Limited

Patterson Butchers, Baltinglass

We love how easy it is to gather all the information required into one place, share it with our accountants and have access to our year end accounts so quickly’.

Diane Patterson, Patterson Butchers, Baltinglass, Co Wicklow
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