Business Advisory

We’re committed to helping you identify your business goals and achieve future success, and our strategic business consulting service helps you achieve just that.

As a business owner, you’ll be aware of the corporate life cycle of a company. No matter where your company finds itself on that life cycle, sound strategic advice is essential to keeping you on the right course.

Lalor O’Shea MCQuillan can examine what the key issues for your business are and what the right business decisions are in response – take advantage of our Business Consulting service.

Have you asked?

Is your business strategy the right one?

Where will the business be this time next year?

How will we get there?

What about expansion or retirement?

If your business is underperforming, who can independently identify the inherent problems?

How do you prepare for a potential disposal of your business and how early should you start preparing?

What steps are necessary for a merger or acquisition?


  • Changing business marketplace
  • More competition – always a competitor offering similar services / products at a lower price or a new entrant to your market
  • Changes within your company – staff moving on, new staff joining, staff needing assistance
  • Knowing what is best for your business
  • Making a proper robust Business Plan that is flexible and yet strategic

What we do

We provide:

Business Advice

  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Business Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Due Diligence

Strategic Business Planning

  • Expansion
  • Reviving the business
  • Start Ups

Why us?

  • Experienced accountants and business professionals looking at your business
  • Provided assistance and advice to thousands of companies, partnerships and sole traders
  • Impartial advice so owners get an outside perspective on their business
  • Know the marketplace and likely developments
  • Understand the complexity of buying and selling businesses and planning for exit or succession.
  • Large team who understand businesses with a variety of skills that will be used to improve your business performance