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We deliver knowledge and expertise that helps clients better understand complex issues and make better strategic decisions.

Our advice and solutions are based on experience across specific industries and business environments and our multifunctional teams representing each of our service areas give clients the benefit of value-added solutions


Healthcare is an ever changing sector. Providers and commissioners of healthcare face the challenges of rising public expectations, an ageing population, advances in medical technology and a continuing drive to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of public services. We have made a commitment to understand the healthcare sector and to deliver a service to that sector that is relevant to the financial, operational and strategic needs of its businesses.

Our a range of advisory services to a variety of bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure clubs. We understand how the hospitality sector has changed over the past decade as we have worked with clients through the transition. Our experience ensures that management are provided with relevant and timely financial data. We take a hands-on approach which focuses on key performance indicators:
Whether a dairy, beef, cereal or other primary producer, the good news is that the outlook for agriculture is all positive in the medium term. We have built our sectoral expertise over many years of guiding farmers and other business involved in the agri sector through good times and bad. Tailored robust solutions will help you face whatever issues arise whether those issues are ones of growth, consolidation, or underperformance.

We understand that incorporating the sustainability agenda into our daily lives is the way forward.  We are excited by the many opportunities that this will bring both for new businesses and diversification of product and service offerings in mature businesses.

We offer business advice and support to private, public and not-for-profit organisations in all areas of waste and renewable energy.


The retail sector is a highly dynamic and constantly evolving business sector.  The current economic environment is proving to be particularly challenging for this industry and the uninitiated can be quickly overcome by the sometimes aggressive competition.  One of the key success factors is the maintenance of sound financial control.

Our specialist advisors assist retailers in ensuring this control is in place.  We advise as to how to ensure key performance indicators such as margin control, product analysis, brand awareness, cash management, staff scheduling are at your finger tips.  Our strategic planning services help to ensure there is clear focus with a defined marketing plan tailored to your brand.

The manufacturing sector has undergone enormous change in the last number of years. Globalisation, the rapid development of communications technologies and the growth of emerging market economies present huge challenges to the traditional manufacturing sector. Lalor O’Shea McQuillan understands the manufacturing sector and provides specialist advice to a variety of manufacturing companies to help them overcome the challenges that face them.

Lalor O’Shea McQuillan has provided audit and advisory services to Irish credit unions for more than 25 years. We act as auditors to eight Credit Unions in the Leinster area. Our hands-on, service orientated philosophy ensures insightful observations and recommendations that focus on the success of the Credit Union.

Whether you have assets of €5 million or €150 million, our extensive experience ensures that we have the knowledgeable staff and resources to most effectively fulfil all your auditing and business advisory needs.