New Rent Tax Credit

A new Rent Tax Credit was introduced in Budget 2023 and is available for the tax years 2022 to 2025 inclusive. The key details of the new credit are outlined below.

How much is the credit?

  • Maximum credit is €1,000 per year in the case of a jointly assessed married couple or civil partners or €500 in all other cases.

In what circumstances might the rent tax credit be available?

  • When the claimant pays rent in respect of his or her principal private residence.
  • When the claimant makes a rental payment in respect of a property used by his or her child to facilitate attendance at an approved course.
  • When the claimant makes rental payments in respect of a “second home” eg a property used for attendance at work or an approved course.

When is the rent tax credit not available?

  • Where the tenant is receiving State housing support.
  • Where the claimant and landlord are parent and child.
  • Where the landlord is a housing association or approved housing body

What details are required to claim the credit?

  • Confirmation as to whom uses the property – if a child, their PPSN, date of birth and approved course will be required
  • Purpose for which the property is being used i.e. PPR, second home or for a child, along with the address, Eircode and LPT unique reference number
  • Type of tenancy i.e. ‘rent-a-room’ or RTB registered tenancy including start and end date of tenancy with the unique RTB registration number
  • Nature of family relationship between claimant/tenant and landlord (if any)
  • Landlord or agent details (name, address, residence status and tax reference number)
  • Name of the person to whom rent payments were made and the gross rental payments made over the course of the year

Further information on claiming the rent tax credit can be found at: