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Managing your personal finances made simple – it’s what we are good at. We’ve found a way to make personal financial planning clear and concise.

Our independent financial advisers can help you find the most suitable product for your circumstances and our independent status means we are not tied to any one specific company, so our advice is impartial and trusted, ensuring the best result for you.


We offer independent financial advice in the following areas:

We use various investment vehicles to maximise tax relief and provide other relevant investment advice. We meet with all the leading financial institutions, giving you the broadest range of financial products and getting the best fit, with accountancy and tax consultation when appropriate.



There are many good reasons to save, whether it’s for your children’s education or future security, it’s never too late. Our advisers will help you start or continue your Savings & Investment plans with ease, from just a few Euros per month to a lump sum investment. And because we have unique relationships with the top ten leading Financial Institutions, we’re in a perfect position to make sure your savings and investment products are the right ones for you.

Investment Options

Investment options with us are many and varied; from deposit accounts through to Guaranteed Bonds, Property, or higher risk funds. Our team will discuss your requirements and advise on the best course.



Protect your Income

You live a life you’ve grown accustomed to, but what if the things you take for granted today suddenly disappeared? Loss of income can be devastating – why not protect this most valuable of assets?

You pay a monthly premium determined by your occupation and health status and by doing this you are covered with a regular income for the duration of your illness, injury or disability until you return to work, or until retirement. The premiums you pay qualify for tax relief at your marginal rate, potentially saving you hundreds of Euro on premiums every year.

Why would I need Income Protection?

Illness, injury or disability can happen at any time. With medical advances, thankfully people are more likely to survive serious illnesses but this means that more people are likely to take prolonged periods off work for treatment and recovery. This could have a huge financial impact. The average Income Protection claim lasts 5½ years. Could you cope without an income for that long? Get the protection of a regular income during difficult times, tailored to your needs and circumstances.


Start your pension today

Attract substantial tax relief on your pension as well as providing the necessary funds for an active retirement. Let our team guide you through the range of PRSAs, Personal Pensions, Executive Pensions among others, and recommend the most cost effective programme. Start now; you want to earn the highest returns over the greatest number of years.


Life & Serious Illness Cover

First job, first home, marriage, children, or starting a business – all life changing events. And with them, comes different responsibilities and protection needs. Protecting your financial welfare and that of your partner and dependants is straightforward with Guaranteed Term Protection & Serious Illness cover. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the people that matter most to you are financially protected in the event of death or specified serious illness.

Key Person Insurance

A keyperson is an employee whose expertise, knowledge and contacts are central to the continued financial success of a company. To minimize the financial impact of losing key employees, consider Keyperson or Business Insurance. Our advisers will show you how this protects your business.