Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR)

From the 1st of January 2024 employers will be required to report details of certain expenses and benefits made to employees and Directors. The obligation under ERR is that certain items are reported to Revenue on or before the date the payment is made to the employee. This is a separate reporting requirement from payroll.

Information you need to report:

  1. Small Benefit Exemption: You must submit details of the date paid and value of the benefit.
  2. Remote Working Daily Allowance: You must report the total number of days, amount paid, and date paid.
  3. Travel and Subsistence: You must submit details of the following travel and subsistence items, including the date paid and the amount of each payment:
    1. travel voucher
    1. travel unvouched
    1. subsistence vouched
    1. subsistence unvouched
    1. site-based employees (including ‘Country money’)
    1. emergency travel
    1. eating on site

How to submit details to Revenue:

  1. If you currently use a payroll software, there should be a facility available to report via your existing software. It would be advisable to reach out to your existing payroll software provider to understand how they may be facilitating Enhanced Reporting Requirements.
  2. You can also submit details through Revenue Online Service (ROS).

Further information is available on the Revenue Commissioners website:


This new reporting requirement places a significant additional burden on employers. Employers need to consider: –

  • how these payments are currently collated, categorised and how records are maintained.
  • to review the frequency of payments as the requirement to report ‘on or before’ the payment or benefit is made could lead to significant additional administration if multiple reports must be made each month.
  • Reviewing their policies and practices to ensure they align with the applicable tax rules and identify who will be responsible for reporting the information to Revenue
  • what other personnel and departments in your organisation that may need to be involved to ensure timely and accurate reporting of information.

If you have queries in relation to the operation of this new reporting requirement, please contact your LSMQ accounts manager.