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Dublin Tax Accountant | Welcome to Lalor O’Shea McQuillan

Are you looking for a Dublin Tax Accountant? Call Us Today on 01 278 4455 to find out WHY our clients have been with us for years. Take control of your taxes today with our team of tax accountants and tax consultants.

When you’re looking for a Dublin Tax Accountant, you’re really looking for someone who has a deep understanding of personal and business tax.  Above all, you’re looking for someone you can trust. Someone who will work hard on your behalf to produce savings where none may seem possible.

Tax Planning and Tax Management Services

Here at Lalor O’Shea McQuillan we have a team of highly experienced tax consultants and tax accountants that have been with us for many years.  We have years of hands-on experience meeting the taxation and accounting needs of businesses and business owners, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.  Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll present us with any kind of tax problem we haven’t encountered before or cannot solve for you in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Because of our long-standing relationship with our clients,  most of our new clients come to us through a personal referral or recommendation.

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Overview of  Our Tax Services

Business Tax Services

We will help ensure your company is fully tax compliant.  Our tax planning service will manage and negotiate the most cost-effective route towards fulfilling your company’s tax obligations.

We recognise that your business opportunities and challenges are unique. Therefore we will tailor our approach to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient tax solution possible.

Some of the common areas of tax we can help you with include

  • Income Tax
  • PAYE and PRSI
  • Investments
  • Benefits in Kind
  • Tax Credits
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Retirement Planning
  • Inheritance Planning
  • VAT Assessments
  • VAT Recovery Strategy Development
  • VAT Cash Flow Management

Owner Manager Succession and Exit Planning

Developing an effective succession plan and an exit plan is important because it helps preserve the success of the business you have developed over the years.  Therefore a long-term approach is required.  This will help minimise tax liability and to maximise your wealth when you decide to retire or to get involved in a different project.

Dublin Tax Accountant in Carrickmines

We are conveniently located in The Park Carrickmines.  Ample parking is available at the side of the Hyde Building here.

To book an appointment or to speak to one of our tax accountants call our offices direct on 01 278 4455.  Our team of tax accountants will be happy to help you.  Our aim will be to help you make tax savings where none may have seemed possible.

Find a Dublin Tax Accountant with Expertise You Can Trust

Our team are members of Insititute of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.