Domestic Violence Leave

From the 27th of November 2023 employees have a legal right to 5 days paid domestic violence leave if they need to take time off work.

There is no minimum service required to qualify and the leave can be taken if an employee is directly experiencing domestic violence and abuse, or if you are supporting a ‘relevant person’. The domestic violence can be ongoing or have occurred in the past.

Domestic violence leave is paid by the employer at the full rate of pay and the employer should not make any reference to domestic violence leave on the payslip.

Employees are not required to give their employer any supporting information or evidence when requesting domestic violence leave. However, employees will need to disclose their experience to someone at work in order to avail of this leave. Some employers may assign a specific designated person to manage matters related to domestic violence leave and other support available. Employers should ensure that the designated person is well-trained to manage employee disclosures properly.

Further information is available on the Citizens Information website: