Cutting Edge Life Safety Systems

Xenon Fire and Safety provide cutting edge maintenance, monitoring and certification of life safety systems. They recently used our Xero Consultancy and Training service to help them get set up and working efficiently with Xero. Each business has its own reason for wanting to move their accounts to Xero.
For Xenon it became necessary when they launched Fever Defence to help businesses work safely during the pandemic.

Introduced just before lockdown, Fever Defence quickly gained world-wide recognition and is helping Xenon navigate through the turbulence created by Covid-19.

Fever Defence for Peace of Mind

Fever Defence is a stand alone temperature screening solution that gives customers, staff and their families the reassurance that your business is doing everything it can to help keep them safe. This is just one of the ways Xenon Fire and Safety use technology to make buildings smarter, safer and more secure.

Electronic Security and Life Safety Systems

Their key value proposition is providing the knowledge and experience to design, install, monitor and maintain electronic security and life safety systems in a wide range of settings including healthcare, hospitality, industrial, environmental, retail, commercial and residential premises. Life Safety Systems is any system incorporated into a building to preserve and protect human life during an emergency or failure of a critical building system.

6 Ways Xenon Makes Buildings Smarter, Safer and More Secure









Making the Move to Xero

It takes time to become confident when you first start using the new system – this is particularly true when that software is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of your business finances. For many businesses, hours, days and weeks can disappear migrating information from one platform to another and cross referencing information from multiple sources. But Xenon Fire and Safety discovered that it didn’t have to be that way.

Finding the right people at the right time is half the battle of business. Ciara Brady, Xenon’s Accounts Manager was Googling Xero Accountants when Lalor O’Shea McQuillan came up. Ciara sent an anxious email to our Xero Champion Hannah Boccaccio asking if there was any way Lalor O’Shea McQuillan could help.

Providing external consultancy is one of the Xero services we offer. Our expertise extends into the areas of Xero Accounting Training, Xero Migration and Xero Accounting Implementation. These three services helped Xenon Fire and Security to get up and running quickly on Xero and to leverage the most from the Xero platform.

“Hannah answered all of my questions in great detail. I went home from work that weekend feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. We were migrating a massive volume of data from one system to Xero. So many different things cropped up and we were unsure how to handle them – but Hannah was there – quickly providing the support we needed to get up-and-running fast.”

Ciara Brady, Accounts Manager for Xenon Fire and Security

State of the Art Reporting and Certificates for Life Safety Systems

Xenon listen to and understand customers needs, and this has been an important part of sustainable growth. Customer feedback consistently shows an appreciation for the speed at which they generate compliance certificates.

“Our customers point out that one of our differences is our responsiveness. Because life safety is a critical service, responsiveness is a key factor in our customer service and satisfaction.” said Paddy Byrne, Director of Xenon.

They have a team of engineers on the road to maintain and repair the Life Safety systems. “As soon as they finish the job our engineers send the certificate to our clients. Clients benefit from the immediacy and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are meeting the stringent compliance standards in their respective industries” said Ciara.

Customer Service doesn’t stop there. Another benefit of making the move to Xero has been Xenon’s ability to integrate end-to-end operations management software into Xero. There are hundreds of applications that integrate seamlessly with Xero and they found the one that was right for their business. This end-to-end operations management helps Xenon to offer great customer service, certification and reporting to their customers.

Three Big Benefits As Described By Xenon Customers

  • Xenon provides customers with compliance certificates the same time the engineer leaves the premises
  • Xenon offer accurate reporting so customers can adhere to stringent compliance standards
  • Clients can log into the portal and view the certificates and all other relevant data

Xero’s automated bank feeds and Xero Dashboard were a game changer

To help launch their new product, Xenon created a new company and website www.feverdefence.com. With another company added to their portfolio, they soon discovered that their existing online accounting system wasn’t flexible enough to meet their growing needs.

Xenon have multiple invoice streams, and offer clients a wide range of payment options including Stripe and other payment gateways as well as more traditional methods such as bank transfers and credit card payments. Products and services range from one time payments to recurring payments and multiple bank accounts require advanced tracking capabilities.

“Xero’s multi-currency function and payment methods for invoices are the highlights of the system for our company. We no longer have to spend copious amounts of time following up unpaid invoices as the system sends reminders. The Bank Reconciliation is now done with the click of a button and our accounts are continuously up to date. Xero ties in with some fantastic apps such as A2X, which reconciles our business in Amazon with Xero. We were anxious about our move to Xero but from the initial consultation with Hannah in Lalor O Shea McQuillan, she got an understanding of what our company was looking for and highlighted the various tools in Xero that we could utilise. Her training was superbly organised and the transition from our old accounting system to Xero went ahead seamlessly” explained Ciara.

Connect with Xenon

To learn more about Xenon and their range of Life Safety products visit www.xenon.ie

Do You Want to Make the Move to Xero?

Hannah Boccaccio is a qualified accountant and she is our full-time in-house Xero Champion. Hannah can provide you with the bespoke in-house training you need. She can set up Xero and help you create efficiencies and work arounds to tailor Xero to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on our training and support contact Hannah Boccaccio direct at our Dublin Office on 01 278 4455 or at our Carlow Office on 059 913 7040.