Gibbons Photography


This month we are interviewing Anita and Jer Gibbons from Gibbons Photography. They are a husband and wife team, operating a small family business and their account is managed by our small business accounts team.

Jer and Anita specialise in Wedding Photography and Anita also specialises in New Born Photography. Since starting their business in 2007 they have seen some huge transformations in photography over the past ten years.

For example, two of the biggest changes are same sex weddings, and these are becoming more popular and demand continues to grow. Another big change is that more couples are realising the importance of capturing those precious moments when baby is newborn.


I started the interview by asking Anita what sets Gibbons Photography apart. ‘I suppose what really sets us apart is that we always work together on every photo shoot. This makes a huge difference for clients who have booked us for their wedding.’

Anita explained that on the morning of the wedding Jer will photograph the Groom. He will capture his arrival at the church and make sure that all of the Grooms family and Groomsmen are also photographed. Often with just one photographer, the Groom and their family can get forgotten about at this time. That nervous tension in the Groom is usually the focus of everyone’s attention while the congregation is waiting expectantly for the Bride. However that anticipation often isn’t captured in wedding albums and it’s a pity not to get that insight into the album.

Jer spoke about how many couples comment on they way their albums looks different from other photographers.

I think because we both have two different styles and two different approaches the final wedding album is more interesting and more varied.

What also helps Gibbons Photography stand out is that they import high quality albums from Italy and this adds to the uniqueness of their albums.

Anita highlighted another benefit of having two photographers working on the wedding day is that things move along more quickly and smoothly. For example, after the ceremony, many couples are taken to one side to get their photos taken. This stops them from mingling with their guests and celebrating the fact that they are just married.

Having a team of two photographers means that couples get to spend more time with their guests at the drinks reception and they love that.


I asked Jer and Anita about their relationship with Lalor O’Shea McQuillan. ‘We were with them right at the start when we launched our business. We didn’t have the time to do our own small business accounts and it wasn’t really something we were good at. We asked Lalor O’Shea McQuillan to do our accounts and they set everything up for us online. Since then we have never looked back.

Our account manger, JP McGee is always friendly and available and so are the whole team.’ said Jer. Anita remembers, ‘we would feel anxious about meeting to talk about our accounts but no matter what problem we faced, JP always said leave it to us, we will sort it out and he always came up with the solution. Plus JP and the Partners have referred so much work to us and we really appreciate that.’


Moving forward, Jer and Anita are focusing in on two areas in the immediate future.

1. Experienced Photographers for Same Sex Weddings

Same sex weddings are on the rise and we are getting a lot of experience in that area. We have developed a sensitive approach to helping same sex couples make their special day unique and special for them.

2. New Born Baby Photography

This is one area that Anita loves. ‘I just love new born babies and taking photos of them. There is something so special about a new born. Something so precious to capture before it is lost. You see, there’s such a small window of opportunity, just ten days, before baby changes and they become more alert and active.’

I love capturing the way they are so small and so curled up. Those moments are so precious and can so easily be lost if new parents don’t take the time to book their shoot well in advance of the birth.

At their studio just outside of Carlow town, they create all their own props for newborns. Attention to detail is key, and every shoot is unique to each baby. They also love including parents, siblings, grandparents and other important people into the shoot and in doing so, help make it a memorable family event.


I finished off the interview by asking Jer and Anita what message would they like to share with potential clients. They said they would love to get a message out to couples who are planning on tying the knot and becoming parents to be.

We want them to know that we have years of experience to help you remember the most important moments in your life. We can guide you and help you get the best and make sure you don’t fall into the common traps that might stop you from getting the most memories from your precious moments.


You can reach Jer and Anita at their studio in Carlow on 056 440 1512 and they will guide you through the options available to you.

Or visit their website at